Sell your property with Axim

Axim assesses and sells all types of real estate.

  • Your house or apartment
  • Your luxury & prestige property
  • Your trade or business
  • Your property for life

To meet your needs, we offer two types of real estate mandates:

EXCLUSIVE sale mandate
It is the real estate sales mandate most chosen by our customers, the one that ensures you a privileged valuation of your accommodation and personalized support.
SIMPLE sale mandate
If you prefer to sell your property in several real estate agencies? Choose a simple mandate!

What we do for you:

  • 01 Estimate the price
  • 02 Advertising
  • 03 Highlight
  • 04 Select buyers
  • 05 Inform you

Our estimate

What are our assessment methods?

A real estate appraisal can be done according to several approaches. Our agency will establish the market value of your assets, in other words the price that you can get from the sale of this property through the normal play of supply and demand. For any estimate file, we rely on 3 methods of analyzing the value of a property:

1- An approach by comparison : the analysis is based on a panel of references, the property for sale is compared with other similar products in order to determine its value.

2- The qualitative approach: the value of the good depends on the advantages it provides and on its own qualities

3- Capitalization rate approach : the value of the property is determined according to the rents generated or potential for its rental.

We will also observe the products currently on sale in the same sector both in number and in marketing price level by determining the loss and gain of your property, such as the view, the floor or the potential development of said property or of building land.

We will give you a complete file which we will comment on together.

At the end of this meeting, we will define the best method of marketing according to any constraints and we ll confirm our agreements within the framework of a sales mandate signed by all the owners of your property and our agency and this, in strict compliance with the legislation in force governing our professions (HOGUET law and ALUR law).

The strength of Axim: disseminate and promote.

Get more visibility

Offer maximum visibility to your property:

  • Entrusting your property to Axim means being distributed to most players in the real estate sector thanks to the largest national portals such as LogicImmo, SeLoger, Bien ici etc ..
  • Your property at the top of the list on the site
  • Being at Axim means being in the world, because we have no geographic limits: international distribution, thanks to our agencies in Italy in Monaco and our several partners abroad, your real estate will also benefit from publicity in foreign distribution portals so as to reach a wider range of customers.

More attractive

Increase the interest of your property with different options:

  • professional photos and / or immersive video (drone)
  • the enhancement of your property, its particularities and its potential, thanks to our architects and our professionals who carry out studies for internal transformation projects, modernization, the project on land where it is actually needed.

More proximity

Benefit from personalized follow-up before during and after the sale.

Our team who speaks several languages is always at your disposal to satisfy you and to support you in your real estate project.

Do not wait any longer!
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