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the house of the gentle people

  • Kenya, also known as "land of fire", between the savannah and its maritime coasts, with its natural parks and its beaches, is a state of East Africa, which borders Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia and the Indian Ocean.

    It offers savannas rich in fauna, majestic mountains, sunny deserts, equatorial forests, beaches and coral reefs of extraordinary beauty, the timeless culture has remained intact in the modern world.

    Considered the pearl of the Kenyan coast, Watamu is a wonderful little fishing village, where one comes into contact with the most spectacular nature and where one discovers pristine corners of a unique paradise.
    Watamu is famous for its fine white sand beaches which look like talc as its grain is fine and soft. Its lagoons protected from coral reefs, the national marine park which is still today a virgin natural paradise full of corals and tropical fish, and the dense palm forests complete the picture of a unique landscape.
    Nearby, and with organized and comfortable transport, in a very short period of time we reach the Tsavo East National Park, the ruins of Gede, the Arabuko Sokoke forest, the mangrove forests, the marine park, etc ...


    The boom in the high-end real estate market in Kenya, among the preferred destinations of investors .

    The Kenyan market is one of the most dynamic markets in Africa, with increased appeal in recent years as it offers significant opportunities for real estate investment.
    According to a recent analysis of the real estate market, the East African country is in fact one of the most popular destinations. Investors have identified Kenya as one of the real estate buying goals and, for particularly wealthy Africans, it is among the top 5 preferences for second homes.

    The country benefits from regional and international investments, in particular for the high- end residential segments and commercial spaces. Nairobi is now a regional hub of the financial industry and in 2023, its horizon will be strengthened with the completion of the highest skyscraper in Africa, The Pinnacle.

    International interest has focused on a growing real estate market which, despite a slowdown in 2017, remains stable and resilient, thanks in particular to favorable housing prices.

    Kenya is one of the fastest developing economies of sub-Saharan Africa, currently experiencing a situation of very strong economic growth that the World Bank has estimated for the year 2020 of + 6%, fueled by tourism - a historic highlight of the national economy - as by foreign investments from from the United Kingdom, China and Italy from many other countries.

    But also from the technology industry and infrastructure projects. A diversified economy based not only on commodities, but also on raw materials for export.

    In June 2017, the Mombasa-Nairobi railway was inaugurated, connecting the port city to the capital. The original 485-kilometer line has the potential to extend south and cross Uganda and Tanzania.


    1_Economic liberalization

    The Government of Kenya has recently launched an economic liberalization activity with the aim of promoting foreign investment.
    Many tourists decide to spend their holidays in Kenya every year and, fascinated by the diversity of natural attractions on offer, choose to buy a house in this beautiful region.

    Investing in Kenya can now represent a real market: this country is one of the most beautiful in Africa, with a tropical climate mitigated by the influence of the Indian Ocean and postcard beaches, in a unique landscape. and suggestive as well as growth in the real estate sector.

    2_GDP growth

    Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in sub-Saharan Africa, with GDP growth of over 5% per year, fueled by the stable macroeconomic environment, continued growth in the tourism sector and 3development infrastructure at national and local level.

    In 2016, the construction sector represented 4.8% of the country's total economy and in 2017, it had grown by 8.7%. The GDP shows how a property increases its value from year to year, thus allowing excellent profitable investments with the certainty that rents increase by more than 15% per year.

    3_Tax benefits

    Among the main advantages of buying a house on Kenyan territory, there are the tax privileges granted to investors who are part of the EPZ (Industrial Free Zones) Program, the exemption from payment of customs duties when entry into the country of personal effect and deduction of 60% on investments in the manufacturing and hotel industries, all facilities being strongly desired by the Government of Kenya.

    4 - The "Vision 2030" Plan and the modernization of infrastructures

    Since 2013, the government has started implementing the "Vision 2030" plan, which aims to bring the country into middle-income countries. First, there is the economic sector, but also the social sphere, and in particular the themes of health and housing in urban areas. Current President Kenyatta has pledged to provide free and universal health coverage by 2022 and has promised to encourage the creation of "social housing" to address the problem of informal settlements and slums in urban areas.

    Vision 2030 also includes the design and construction of the "Smart City Konza", located seventy km from the capital Nairobi, by the Italian group Icm-Impresa Costruzioni Maltauro, one of the most interesting and innovative projects of the country and the first "smart city" of the African continent.

    The "Smart City Konza" which will be implemented by 2021, will occupy a total area of 2,000 hectares and will constitute a cutting-edge technological center thanks to the construction of research centers and universities for the development of projects in the high-tech field. It will also be a smart city capable of accommodating more than 200,000 inhabitants during the construction of residences, divided between residences and social housing, offices, schools for each order and degree, efficient and clean transport system, built to high standards. energy saving and sustainability. , excellent architectural solutions and cutting- edge technologies; construction of parks, water treatment plants, waste treatment facilities, automatic waste collection system, wastewater reuse system.

    It is a crucial project in the growth strategy of the African state, which pays particular attention to the protection of the environment. In addition to the Leed certification, it is also the Envision certification, the first rating system dedicated to the design and construction of sustainable infrastructure.

    Kenya also provides local and regional links: a 472 km road network which will soon link the east and north of the country, an important crossing point with the south of Ethiopia; an international airport, the largest in East Africa, with nearly 7 million passengers per year, and the next extension of Malindi airport, a few kilometers from the center of Watamu, in preparation for "international" state: the port of Mombasa, regional maritime hub. The government continues to finance works to improve physical and multimedia infrastructure.

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